Friday, April 30, 2010

Trip to Switzerland 2010 - Chur to Locarno

ursday 22 April

09:00 Post bus Chur to Davos Platz 10:35
11:02 Davos Platz to Landquart 12:13
12:18 Landquart to Chur 12:38
14:08 Post bus Chur to Bellinzona 16;20
16:30 Bellinzona to Locarno 16:57
Click above to see a slideshow of pictures from Chur, Arosa and Leinzenheide

We took the Postbus to Davos this morning. The first part to Leinzenheide was as a special run for us only, but we continued to Davos as a stage bus. The journey was in sunny weather with just a little haze over the mountains. We passed small villages with small churches located prominently, sheer drops over narrow roads, one point was particularly difficult for a van to pass – it had to go around us on the wrong side of the street. Leinzenheide was an interesting place with a lot of great street art.



Davos was reached just a few minutes late and there was only just time to find the train and get in. It was an interesting trip to Landquart descending a very long , severe gradient all the way to Klosters. Ski lifts, pink heather, much forest. At Klosters there were a couple of sidings which were protected by oil drums cut in half with handles welded on. We changed to the stopping train to Chur at Landquart.

Klosters 3505, 611, 85, 243
Klosters Dorf 614 on stone train.
Schiers 613, 624
Landquart 3502

Lunch in Chur – no idea what Mary had ordered
Vegetable soup
Capuns (cabbage roll)/meat loaf

Post bus trip Chur to Bellinzola
Many tunnels and avalanche shelters. Went through many small villages. Long horned cattle - high waterfalls. The summit of the San Bernardino pass was quite high and had a lot of snow still. At Bellinzola we caught the train to Locarno and found intense agriculture. Very mild climate, pleasant room with a great view of the lake.
 Lake Maggiore
View from our room at Locarno

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