Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip to Switzerland 2010 - Appenzell Mainau Gardens

Sunday 18 April

07:33 Appenzell to Gossau 08:13
08:16 Gossau to Weinfelden 08:50
09:02 Weinfelden to Konstanz 09:33
10:00 Konstanz Pier to Mainau 10:55
14:30 Mainau to Konstanz Pier 15:25
16:03 Konstanz to Kreuzlingen 16:06
16;30 Kreuzlingen to St. Gallen 17:29
17:37 St. Gallen to Appenzell 18:21

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We took the Appenzellerbahn to Gosau and there was a tight 3 minute connection to the Thurbo to Konstanz. These trains are very pleasant with big wide, tall windows, colorful upholstery and a very smooth ride.. On the way we saw a white heron and a fox and there were several hot air balloons in the still air. At Konstanz we transferred to a steamer to Mainau Gardens. The weather was quite still with a light breeze but very hazy. However, the air was cold and we quickly went down into the warm.

The gardens are beautiful and very large. The displays of tulips and daffodils were well set out in the grass along with other spring flowers such as pansies and polyanthus. They are probably more impressive than the NCC displays in Ottawa because they are much larger and more varied. There was a good display of orchids and another house had a great number of butterflies. The latter was very popular and very crowded. There was a small vineyard and some espaliered fruit trees as well as a place for kids with donkeys, ponies, sheep and goats.

There were many restaurants and take out counters. We chose a restaurant close to the main entrance. We had the table d'hote with:
Cream of vegetable soup with shoots
Medallions of pork with rosti (potato fritters), vegetables and a cheese sauce
Apple strudel
Draught beer

It was quite good and there was eficient service.

We took the steamer back to Konstanz (Germany) and came back via Kreuzlingen, Romanshorn and St. Gallen where we changed to the Appenzellerbahn to Appenzell. At Konstanz there is an interesting procedure every hour. There is one central platform with two faces and two sectors each. Two trains come into each platform and leave at -30 and -31 minutes past each hour. Good connecting facilities for people with the four-way cross platform transfers.

AB seen 13, 42, 46

Pictures of Mainau Gardens

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