Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trip to England 2010 - Burnham and Beckonscot

13 April 2001

Today we visited my cousin Pam and her husband Len. We took the train from Paddington and they met us at Burnham station. They have a lovely house in Burnham village and we had a good time chatting over old times. Len had some interesting times in Sunderland flying boats in Malasia after the Second World War. I had never realized that Pam had been evacuated for fourteen months during the war to Leicester. It was a bad experience for a twelve year old. Her house in Orpington was bombed several times when the Germans were trying to put Biggin Hill airport out of action. While we chatted a couple of mallard ducks came to the window and quacked loudly for something to eat. It seems they often spend the day there. A little while ago Pam opened the curtains to see a mother duck and fourteen ducklings all swimming in their, pretty small pond. They can't have fish in the pond because the herons will take them.

We had lunch at the Royal Standard which was very well patronized. They have an excellent best bitter which, with a glass of South African red, went well with the Boeuf bourguignon with mashed potatoes and salad (Colin) and Roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, red cabbage, vegetables and an excellent horseradish sauce (Mary).

After lunch they took us as a surprise to Bekonscot Model Village. This is in a residential area and has been going since 1928. There is a gauge 1 model railway which is quite extensive and great fun to watch. We were all amazed at the attention to detail that went into the models. There was a house on fire with fireman up a ladder, there is a full harbour, colliery etc. etc. Really worth visiting.

We went back to Burnham for a cup of tea and sandwiches, then back to catch the train to London

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